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Giugiaro Design Ref. Introducing: rolex replica Seiko Diver Scuba Limited edition by Giugiaro Design SBEE001 / 002 Rolex Replica,Rolex Replica Watche It is not a new association between Italian designer Giugiaro watches and Seiko watches. Rolex Replica,Rolex Replica Watche This has already produced some of Japan's most daring watches, such as the Seiko Chronograph 7A28-7000, which was famously featured in Alien movies. Seiko has brought back some of the most Rolex Replica,Rolex Replica Watche iconic watches created by Giugiaro over the past few years, including the Limited Edition Reissue Seiko Sced035 in 2015 and the Astron in recent years. Seiko today reissues an obscure dive watch from the 1980s, the Seiko Diver Scuba Limited Edition by Giugiaro design Ref. SBEE001 and SBEE002.

The new Seiko Diver Scuba SBEE001 & 002 are faithful reinterpretations from a vintage model, the 7C43-7A00. The Rolex Replica,Rolex Replica Watche professional dive watches were boldly designed and used multiple materials. The case was as usual Giugiaro with the strap on the right and the crown at 7 o’clock. This made it more left-hander. The case contained a high-torque quartz motor, the 7C43, which was smaller than the 7C46 and is still used in the Tuna 1000m.The vintage versions (source: web).Modern versions of the Seiko Diver scuba Giugiaro Design - ref. replica watches SBEE001 and 0002 Seiko Diver Scuba SBEE001 & 002 are retro-inspired reissues. Everything looks legit, whether you look at the bracelet, case, Rolex Replica,Rolex Replica Watche dial, or bezel. For all the black inserts that protect the watch from shocks, the case measures 48mm from lug-to-lug, 43.8mm between 3 and 9, and 11.2mm high. The silicon straps that secure the SBEE001 and the 002 to the wrist have the same pattern as the original.