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Patek Philippe is one of the most popular watches of all time,roger dubuis replica so it makes sense that they will continue to build on their success by Roger Dubuis Replica adding new references to the iconic Nautilus. Roger Dubuis Replica The Perpetual Calendar 574G was introduced last year. This is the Roger Dubuis Replica most complicated piece in the collection. The Annual Calendar 5726, its younger brother, is now under the loupe. Roger Dubuis Replica This model, which is steel-on-steel, has a new gradient dial and the grey dial has been discontinued.

Most collectors, or even non-hardcore watch lovers, will think of the 3-hand 5711, and the intentionally unbalanced, 5712 when they think about the Nautilus. However, there is another reference in stainless steel that can be used for the Nautilus - the Annual Calendar reference 5761/A. This model needed a little update, so we decided to shine the spotlight on them.Roger Dubuis Replica The Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar 5761/A had a grey dial until now. It was available on either a steel bracelet, or leather strap. The Patek Roger Dubuis Replica Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar 5726/1A is still available on their website. However, the steel bracelet version seems replica watches to have been discontinued. There is a new reference 5726-1A-014, Roger Dubuis Replica with its trendy gradient-blue dial.